Another Successful ULA Launch

Congratulations to ULA for launching their VC2S rocket!

Vulcan is built with the strength of a robust domestic industrial base of top Space & Defense suppliers. We’re proud to have been a part of this team working with @ulalaunch to support vehicle separation and flight termination system readiness with our proven Frangible Joint Assemblies, Flexible Contained Detonating Cord Assemblies, Detonator Booster Assemblies, and Linear Shaped Charge product.

#VulcanRocket #Cert1 

Frangible Joint Assembly (FJA)

Frangible Joint Asseblies

Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly (FCDCA)

Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly

Detonation Booster Assembly (DBA)

Detonation Booster Assembly

Linear Shaped Charge (LSC)

Linear Shaped Charge

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