Pre-Made Charges

An engineered solution premade & packaged for mission success

EBAD understands that minimizing the time on target and system reliability are critical for mission success. To eliminate the time building charges and to provide the most reliable, consistent product, we developed solutions that are ready to go.

Charge Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Pre-Made Charges are manufactured under our factory-controlled conditions, providing reliable, standardized charges.

The Correct Charge for Your Target

EBAD has the ability to design charges to your specifications or we offer a family of standardized pre-made charges.

No need to determine what is required, we have created a suite of charges to defeat the most common targets.  Whether it be for walls, doors or locks, we have the solution.

Charges are designed to provide:

    • Quality – made the same way every time
    • Increased shelf life – vacuum-sealed packaging
    • Lower net explosive – designed for the target & safer for the user and environment
    • Flexible use – one charge for multiple mission
Design. Prototype. Test. Production.

We design and manufacture initiation systems and explosive charges to meet all your mission requirements at our ATF and DoD approved Graham, Kentucky facility. Our state-of-the-art development lab is a one-stop shop with the capability to fabricate prototypes, construct targets, and test in collaboration with our customers. Effectiveness of the target defeat, initiation reliability and delay timing requirements can be assessed real-time allowing for rapid solution iterations resulting in highly efficient product development. This approach provides the data necessary to validate mission success and reduce risk to the Warfighter.

Pre-Made Charge Products

Pre-Made Charge, ACE™ Sliding Charge

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Pre-Made Charge, ACE™ Strip Charge

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Pre-Made Charge, Breacher Strip

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Pre-Made Charge, Multi-Purpose Strip Charge

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Pre-Made Charge, Modular Stick Charge (MSC)

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Pre-Made Charge, Push Charge

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Pre-Made Charge, Scissor Charge

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Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK)

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