Satchel Charge

Detonation Signal Interrupter

Cord Cutter

Pin Puller

Thermally Initiated Venting System (TIVS)

Space Initiators


Universal Breaching System (UBS)

Thru-Bulkhead Initiator (TBI)

Tandem Warhead Delay

Pyro Valves

NEA® Dead Face Connector

Lanyard Cutter

Ignition Safety Device (ISD)

Gas Generator

Frangible Joint Assembly (FJA)

Safe & Arm Device, Electronic (ESAD)

Dual Cartridge Cutter

Arm/Fire Device (AFD)

Arm/Disarm (AD) Switch

Pre-Made Charge, ACE™ Strip Charge

Pre-Made Charge, ACE™ Sliding Charge

LF-2/LF-2XA Explosives

M-19 Abrams Reactive Armor Tile (ARAT)

Plastic Connectors and Accessories

Lead-in Lines

Plastic Bonded Explosive (PBX) Detonating Cord

Slow Cookoff Sensor (SCO) and Fast Cookoff Sensor (FCO)

Linear Shaped Charge (LSC)

Conical Shaped Charge (CSC)

M151 & M152 Booster Assembly

MPLC® Minefield Breaching